What is TikTag?

TikTag is an innovative platform, planned, developed and marketed by Eliel Group. Using this system, we create mobile marketing products for your business , such as: landing pages, surveys, coupons, info-websites, galleries, forms etc. Our products are diverse and innovative, and yet still do not require many development hours . We are aware of the great importance of time-to-market and enable you to focus on the marketing vision you have for your products and services, while providing realization in minimal time. Our system is unique in simplicity of use whilst maintaining technological quality.

Fast and Simple

We set up a campaign in a very short time, while allowing the customer to distribute the campaign in print, text messages, e-mails or through social media networks. No need for complicated installations or adding codes.

Data analysis

Customers get online data regarding the campaign results. The system provides overall information regarding entries, operating systems, trends analysis and graphical display of data. In addition, it provides a managing and analysis function according to campaigns and locations, personal distribution and receiving data, such as who clicked on the link, which options did they choose and what details have they left and when.


TikTag puts an emphasis on final product design so that the output is always of high quality design. The system provides clean, elegant and modern designs as well as classic and vibrant ones, which will save you time and money in designing your product. All products were developed using cutting edge technology which support a variety of mobile platforms without a change of user experience or product appearance. (HTML5 | CSS3 | JQUERY MOBILE)

Value for money

The system has ready to use, built-in features and products, which can be easily and quickly adjusted for your needs. This saves you and us significant production time and costs. These low expenses provide you a simple and quick ROI.

About us – Eliel Group


Eliel Group  provides software solutions in the fields of web and mobile (characterization, UI, design, project development and management). In addition, the company trains employees for their placement in hi-tech and start-up companies. We have an experience of over 10 years in software developing and data systems. The vision of the company is being a pioneer of cutting edge technology and specializing in the web and mobile world.

A few statistics about the mobile world

mobile users44%
mobile buyers38%
at least one hit a day by mobile users98%
websites not supported on mobile devices80%

Examples of system products use

Here is a partial list of the variety of uses possible via the TikTag system:

Clients and business partners

Here is a partial list of our clients and business associates

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Our services

Add your business and your client's business exciting and innovative marketing tools.
All mobile marketing technologies in one place

Mobile marketing products

  • Mobile based campaigns
  • UI design and development
  • Mobile websites
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Campaign distribution and analysis

  • Enhancing user data
  • Distrbution
  • Distribution analysis
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Technological consultation and support

  • Developing marketing ideas
  • Campaign planning
  • Mobile marketing Guidance and workshops
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Special developments

  • Custom plugins development for the platform
  • iPhone and Android development
  • adaptind websites to mobile devices
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TikTag worldwide

TikTag is expanding to many countries abroad and we are looking for distributers and franchisors with contacts and an ability to establish and provide support abroad, in order to fulfil the international market potential of the system.

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